Monday, 24 November 2008

Bow down before me

I am watching the post carefully at the moment. I am assuming it will come in the post as I doubt Her Majesty or whoever deputises for her in such matters, would actually come to the house with it, although you never know. I am hoping it will be a nifty little thing that I can accessorise with my work clothes (ha! Me accessorising! That'll be the day!)

Whatever it looks like, I will be proud for I will have earned it. My medal. My badge of honour.

For my Husband left the house last week to go away on business and on Monday (that would be a WHOLE WEEK AGO) he left half a Bounty sitting on the hall table. In full view. Open. AND IT IS STILL THERE. I didn't even lick it.

What's more, it was joined on Friday night by a Breakaway (no, I don't know why either. Maybe Husband has a magic pocket that spontaneously generates confectionery at a rate faster than he can consume. Like the goose that laid golden eggs but much, MUCH better.) And the Breakaway is still there too after a weekend spent, for the most part, on a couch not 10 feet away from said hall table. Untouched by human tongue hands.

If that does not deserve a medal or a mention in the next Honours list, I don't know what does.


  1. WOW! How on EARTH have you managed to leave the Bounty alone? And a half one, no less. One that you don't even have to open!

    Actually,how come your boys haven't snaffled it?

    I've been exercising the same restraint with a Co-Op lemon cup-cake. E bought a packet of four on Saturday, one of them being for me. And it's still sitting in the fridge, torturing both him and D. They both asked me about ten times yesterday when I was going to eat it, and D asked me about twenty times if he could have it as I obviously didn't want it.

    Being quite sick and twisted, I am prolonging this exercise in self-denial because the presence of that cup-cake in the fridge is obviously torturing them too!

  2. Since you left me a comment about the half bounty I am not joking when I say I have thought about it at least every ten minutes.

    If you don't get a medal you should at least get a bath or something run for you, or maybe the loss of 4 stones overnight?

    What's the chat re: running? When do you start training?

  3. I'm certain Her Majesty herself is on her way there - but she's taking her sweet time to see how long you can endure. You can do it!

  4. Well... I would have had to tell myself, very firmly, that the half-Bounty doesn't belong to me. Not mine. Paws off.

    I am actually quite good at not eating the last whatever-it-is, but it has to be the last one left. I'm not sure whether J finds this amusing or annoying as he unearths yet another packet of something with one left in it.

  5. We heard about your amazing feat of self-denial on the CBC news. The whole country is talking about it. Heads of state are gathering even as we speak to decide on the most appropriate method of showing respect and appreciation. I think there's even talk of an international holiday akin to Christmas only non-denominational.

  6. While in the local pub this story came on the tv. There was a split screen picture of you and the queen.
    The guy beside me asked who is that old bird beside Loth.

  7. I remember how excited I used to get as a kid when I found a Breakaway which was just solid chocolate. A simple fault at the factory but it was the holy grail of biscuits. For some reason, purchasing a bar of chocolate just wasn't the same.