Monday, 17 November 2008


I do apologise. After my wee whinge last Tuesday in the face an impending parters' meeting, I seem to have neglected to blog. How rude of me.

The partners' meeting was surprisingly okay. I haven't been to one for a while, given my inability to deal with such matters over the summer, but everyone was very nice. It did help that we managed to get out of the office by 8pm so no-one had got to the stage of repeatedly bouncing their foreheads off the table. This could have had something to do with the fact that we normally get sandwiches and stuff in to keep us going but had not done so this time. Hunger apparently focuses the mind.

The rest of the week was pretty much okay too. I had a real "blast from the past" experience on Wednesday: our normal telephonist/receptionist was on holiday last week. Our relief receptionist had just undergone some pretty major surgery and was convalescing. My assistant is normally the final port of call as emergency cover and she was, fortunately, in the office. Unfortunately she had succumbed to the cold/throat infection that is sweeping the capital and she had no voice. None. So that left.......well, me. I used to temp in the old days when I was a hard-up student paying off my overdraft and I have reception-ed in the past, so I took over as telephonist for the day. It was quite fun, really. Took me back (*counts quickly on her fingers*) 20 years or so. My goodness, I am getting old.

The rest of the week slid gently into the weekend. I was in court on Thursday but nothing much happened and I managed to avoid having to trail up to Perth Sheriff court on Friday. So that was good.

Saturday was lovely. Second Born was a bit under the weather with the ubiquitous cold/hacking cough, so he stayed in his pyjamas all day. (I just read that back and hope you understand that I don't mean it was lovely because SB was ill!) I did the shopping and the usual stuff but other than that, I spent most of the day on the couch communing with SB, making him hot chocolate and reading. A lovely, lazy day.

Sunday I went to Makro to hunt toilet roll, kitchen roll, washing powder and dishwasher powder. That almost makes me sound domesticated! I also bought a brownie tin and an absolutely huge jar of chocolate chips. SB's little eyes fair lit up when he saw them. First Born's friend, aka the Cookie Monster came over to spend the afternoon with us and we all went up to the park for a session of running around and yelling (the boys) and gentle strolling in the sunshine (the grown ups).

In the evening Husband used me as a test audience for a talk he is presenting in London next week. I mean, this week. And it was really quite entertaining. Hopefully I made some useful comments and he wasn't put off by the faces I pulled at him. Husband is going to be away for most of this week on business so chances are I will be online more in the evenings. Prepare yourselves for a week of intensively inane witterings.

And now it is Monday again. And John Sergeant is still in SCD and Cherie has been knocked out! Cherie, who gave all us women over 40 hope! I am always up for a laugh and enjoyed John's Pasa Doble/taking out the recycling dance as much as the next person, but enough is enough!


  1. Why doesn't John feel guilty? Grrrr... he's rapidly gaining buffoon status in my mind.

    It's horrid when offspring are poorly but lovely to grab that rare chance to snuggle with them... they stop wanting all those hugs far too soon.

    Oh. Now I feel old too. Bugger. Pass the chocolate chips X

  2. I don't know about Spiralskies but you, Loth, are a child. Old? Nonsense. Now go and embroider a tray cloth at once.

    Roarbreb is my verification word. I like it. It means a sore throat gained through too much shouting, I think.