Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I give in

I am sitting here this evening eating dinner, although in fact I am not sure that what I am eating merits the lofty description "dinner". Husband and I both had pretty full on days today - scary meeting for him, yet another day in court conducting a proof for me. It's amazing how tiring it is spending a day effectively sitting, standing and talking. Not exactly heavy industry you would think. Nonetheless, the combination of extended periods of intense concentration and the ridiculously useless air conditioning in the sheriff court meant I was exhausted and really not nice to be near by the end of the day. I had to have shower the minute I got home just to feel vaguely human again.

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, we were both pretty zonked, no way did I feel like chopping and simmering, so dinner consisted of fish fingers for husband and home made poutine for me. Chips, cheese and gravy: the ultimate comfort food. Thank you Canada. It was absolutely delicious, particularly since I had some gravy left over from the garlic and rosemary infused lamb I made at the weekend. Posh poutine. Haute cuisine poutine!

I now plan to take a cup of tea to bed, read for a while and sleep for about 9 hours. Night all!

PS Husband ate the Bounty yesterday. He did share the Breakaway with me though.


  1. Hope you're having a good sleep.

    Was it a plain Bounty? I couldn't have resisted that.


    OMG. I'm away to barf.

    That's just no' right, adding cheese into that equation. No' right at all!

  3. Oh, please! Poutine is AMAZING. Honestly, people.

    Loth - FYI - it's not really authentic unless you have it with cheese curds and to be fair, I haven't seen them around Scotland, sadly.

    Also, you're a lawyer? What kind? My boyfriend is a trainee criminal lawyer in Glasgow so as you can imagine, he's pretty busy! I got into law school myself but decided against it.

  4. Posh poutine! That's cute. Of course, there's no such thing. Poutine, like all-dressed fries, is akin to eating food from a trough... and I love both of those things so I should know ;)