Sunday, 23 November 2008

Phew, it's the weekend. Wait.......

Well that week fairly ran away with me didn't it? From a quiet week with nothing much due to happen, by Tuesday afternoon it was "you're back in that case, it is calling tomorrow and then going to a full hearing on Thursday. Oh and you need to get some witnesses organised. And some documentation would be good. And then you're in court on Friday. In Perth."

O-o-kay. Wednesday morning saw me in the sheriff court where I hardly ever go these days, being too old for that lark. I normally feel like the babysitter there as the daily courts are full of trainee and newly-qualified solicitors cutting their teeth and I am old enough to be their mother these days. I was therefore slightly surprised to see a number of my contemporaries in court. This was explained when the sheriff came on the bench. She's a very good sheriff but the description "nippy sweetie" could have been created for her. On a good day. Clearly the old hands were taking no risks and were dealing with matters themselves rather than risking a rookie in front of her! It's times like this that I realise I am indeed an old hand myself as I find her verbal slicing and dicing of the assembled lawyers mildly amusing rather than terrifying.

Wednesday evening was duly spent preparing for the proof on Thursday morning. Thursday was spent conducting a hearing about plumbing supplies, fixed price contracts and the apportionment of works between first fix and second f......oh, even I'm bored by that. It was dull, let's leave it at that.

I got home reasonably early, played with the kids (husband was away on business in London) and consoled myself with sausage, egg and chips for tea. With ketchup. It was wonderful.

Friday morning saw me scooting off to Perth sheriff court where I hung about waiting for my case to call until after lunchtime. This was dangerous. It left me loose in Perth town centre for an hour so with nothing to do. And there is a Lakeland shop in Perth. I don't know what it is about that place but I find it physically impossible to (a) walk past it and (b) buy less than three things when I do go in. Kitchen gadgets. They are my crack.

I rationalised my visit by telling myself that the boys needed new cool packs for their school lunchboxes and only Lakeland sell those cool little flat flexible ones, which is true. There is however no excuse for the fact that I also emerged with a blippy rotary cheese grater ("I grate parmesan a lot!") and one of those little gizmos that froth up your milk for hot chocolate and lattes ("I.....I..............I just wanted one. So shoot me.") Frankly I am proud that I did not buy either expensive knives or heavy duty bakeware, both of which are particular weaknesses. I spent less than £25 AND I avoided the continental market going on in the street outside with its stall selling olives (another weakness). That is a victory, that is. And the frothy hot chocolate went down well with the kids.

And now suddenly it is Sunday evening and I don't know where the weekend went but it has been nice and slobby and uneventful which is what weekends need to be now and again. Second Born is playing Nintendo, Husband is watching old Starsky and Hutch DVDs on his laptop and First Born has been up for a shower and has reappeared freshly scrubbed and wearing Cyberman pyjamas. The boys will be off to bed soon and then it will be time to wind down ready to start the week again. It'll be Christmas before we know it at this rate.


  1. 'd known you were going in, you could have got me a pineapple gadget!

    I'd go myself, but then I'd come out with a pineapple gadget plus several other things!

  2. I have never mastered the slobby and uneventful weekend, though it's my greatest desire. Mine always seem to be frantic rushes, which leave me looking forward to going back to work for a rest. But work isn't restful. So I spend the week looking forward to the weekend...etc etc.

    I've got it wrong somewhere. Glad yours was good, anyway.

  3. Ohhhh! Another Lakeland addict? I need to go there soon, to get another humungous size box of clingfilm. I get a monster clingfilm box once a year and always nearly bankrupt myself in the process.

    Slobby weekend sounds GREAT. Mine was stressorama!

  4. I feel like time is just humming along without a care that we have a lot to do before Christmas gets here thanyouverymuch.

    I also have weekends that I look back at and think, "Well now, what did we do exactly...?"